Electric Cars Recharge in Jesolo

TESLA Recharge and universal plugs

Tesla designs, engineers and manufactures 100% premium electric vehicles which are revolutionising the zero-emission car industry.
Tesla models S and X are leaders in terms of performance, efficiency, functionality and safety and the highly-awaited Model 3, the most affordable version, will arrive in Europe in 2018.
In addition, Tesla’s charging infrastructure – made up of Domestic Charging, Supercharging and Destination Charging – provides a competitive advantage against other electrical car manufacturers.

Destination Charging

Tesla is developing a European charging network unique in its kind aimed specifically at the hospitality and tourism sector.
Those who travel to Italy on a Tesla electrical car or any other branded EV, can now plan their holidays and business trips based on the availability of the Destination Charging service: they can stay at selected hotels and resorts or stop at restaurants, museums and other tourist facilities which offer the chance to charge the EV.