SPA & Wellness


Wellness Center with Sea View in Jesolo

The new SPA at the Hotel Le Soleil situated on the top floor and overlooking the sea was designed to provide a space surrounding our guests which leaves our traditional layout unaltered, making every stay an unforgettable holiday for body, mind and soul.

Multi-Sensory Showers

Multi-Sensory Showers
A fresh nebulized shower with a pleasant mint perfume.
A tropical shower, a “cascade of light” where the plays on water and light are mixed with the refined aromatic notes of different essences.
An emotional shower falling like a tropical storm.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna
At a temperature of about 90°C, it improves the skin, helps to fight stress and is suitable for sportspeople.

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath
A steam bath at a variable temperature of around 45/50°C and 100% humidity, it detoxifies and improves skin.

Relaxation Area

Relaxation Area
Lying pleasantly in front of the breath-taking view of the sea, let yourselves be cradled by the sound of its waves.

Herbal Tea Area

Herbal Tea Area
Herbal and fruit teas with pleasant surprises.

Ice Cascade

Ice Cascade
Ice, when combined with intense heat treatments such as the sauna and Turkish bath, has unbeatable invigorating and restorative power.
You will feel a shiver of freshness straight away, which runs through your body from head to toe, giving you new strength.


Sensual & Care Immersion
Harmonising, revitalising treatment
Combining refined baobab oil and the purest and most precious sea salt, Fior de Sal d’Es Trenc.
Harmonising body treatment with a high content of sea salt and natural oils.
Boosting your energy levels at the same time as balancing your senses. Your skin will glow beautifully after being perfectly exfoliated, hydrated and nourished. Free of impurities, radiant and soft.
Duration: 50 minutes

Timeexpert C + body treatment
Revitalising exfoliating body wax + wrap
Duration: 50 minutes

Slim Lipoflush Treatment
It leaves a very pleasant sensation of lightness, wellbeing and tonicity. Since it contains precious active ingredients, it is especially suitable for contrasting imperfections due to cellulite and localised fat deposits.
Total body massage + localized bandaging
Duration: 60 minutes

Slim Lipotone Treatment
The treatment with this unique bandage leaves you with a very pleasant sensation of lightness and tonicity, firm and well-moisturised skin. The essential oils contained, mint, eucalyptus and menthol, are toning and refreshing and help with swollen feet and legs, as well as circulatory problems.
Total body massage + localized bandaging
Duration: 60 minutes

Slim Mud Treatment
Ideal for treating imperfections due to cellulite, thanks to its clay, horse chestnut and caffeine content, this mud performs a strong draining action.
Total body massage + localized massage mud application
Duration: 60 minutes

Hot Mud Treatment
Stimulating manual treatment with hot mud that regenerates skin. Ideal for treating problems connected with the muscle apparatus and effective against imperfections due to cellulite, localized fat and stagnation of liquids.
Total body massage + localized massage mud application
Duration: 60 minutes


Massage is an ancient form of therapy, a subtle art, based not only on technique but also on love.

The holidays are an ideal time for looking after yourself. The relaxing massage is a tempting offer, performed with very gentle movements
that can harmonize body and mind and help to rebalance the body’s posture. Its extraordinary efficacy is due to the stimulation of the blood and lymph circulation, nerve regeneration, increase in muscle relaxation and articular elasticity. Since it normalizes and regulates the respiratory function, it provides a state of deep relaxation.
Duration: 50 minutes

A sequence of manual movements and manoeuvres that stimulate the elimination of excess toxins, which model the body, define the figure and provide a really firm appearance. It eliminates excess toxins and liquids making the legslighter straight away.
Duration: 50 minutes

This massage aims to reactivate blood circulation eliminating toxins and improving the oxygenation of the tissues. Stimulating for lymph flow.
Duration: 50 minutes

Performed with light, rhythmic movements towards the lymphatic vessels, it oxygenates the tissues and promotes the drainage of liquids in the tissues.
Duration: 50 minutes

It is a massage performed according to different and special manual techniques, which act deeply on the muscle structure, with quick and decisive movements (kneading and rubbing), to give the muscles tone and energy to the whole body. It aims to energize, firm and tone the muscles and tissues, helping to eliminate toxins, hence improving blood and lymph circulation.
Duration: 50 minutes

This massage makes the skin more elastic, so that it can regenerate more quickly after delivery. The treatment is performed in the lateral position and soothes pregnancy-associated problems such as backache, headaches, heavy legs and insomnia and has a positive effect on the baby.
Duration: 50 minutes of pampering

A soothing massage that helps to relax and oxygenate the tissues. Ideal for sportspeople and for anyone who often has muscle contractions. The aim of the massage is to remove tiredness, soothe swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries.
Duration: 50 minutes

It aims to relax the muscles in the neck, shoulders, back and spine area, providing a general sense of wellbeing and lightness.
Duration: 30 minutes

The partial body massage offers a choice between abdomen, back, legs and feet.
Duration 25 minutes

This is a massage performed with a cosmetic candle containing a composition of precious butters and essential oils and which can involve all 5 senses.

Sight : by looking at the firelight while the shea butter drips pleasantly onto the skin.
Smell : by sniffing the delicate and precious perfumes released as the butter melts with the essential oils.
Touch : by following the rhythm of the hands sliding onto the body during the massage.
Sound : by listening to the sweet melodies especially chosen by the masseurs.
Taste : the skin absorbs the melted butters, making it soft and velvety. It is a massage that has a great relaxing and draining action.
Duration: 50 minutes

Vanilla : perfumed and sensual skin. It releases an embracing aroma that leaves a pleasant and muffled sensation of softness on the skin.

Strawberry grapes : Strawberry grapes have draining properties, promote blood circulation and protect the capillaries due to their bioflavonoid content; they are also extremely rich in antioxidant vitamins with anti-aging properties, mineral salts and fruit acids that make the skin soft, velvety and bright.

Ocean : It releases a salty and toning perfume, which leaves a pleasant and fresh sensation of vital energy on the skin.


Moisture and extreme comfort. Ideal after sunbathing.
Maximum moisturising concentrated in an advanced treatment ideal for all skin types, especially for symptoms of dehydration: discomfort, tight skin, particularly after sunbathing. Due to its exclusive and unique active ingredients, it immediately refreshes the skin and creates an effect of brightness and long-lasting moisture.
Duration: 50 minutes

Antioxidant, regenerating and illuminating.
A revitalizing anti-aging treatment that intensely repairs the brightness, vitality and uniformity of the skin. Its complex of highly effective active ingredients immediately leaves the skin radiant with youthfulness.
Duration: 50 minutes

It gives the epidermis its firmness and tension back, attenuating small expression wrinkles.
Duration: 55 minutes

With its marked film-forming and moisturising properties, it contrasts signs of time and elasticizes the epidermis
Duration: 55 minutes

Treatments to fight wrinkles and expression lines.
An extraordinary treatment that contrasts wrinkles from within and fills and inhibits expression lines, exalting an optimal skin structure.
Duration: 60 minutes

TIMEXPERT LIFT(IN)- The new era of cosmetic lifting.

Combining the most advanced scientific developments with the enormous power of nature to regenerate your skin’s infrastructure. Restructuring your skin deep down to create an outstanding lifting effect on the surface.
Fine lines are lifted and wrinkles become less visible.
Duration: 60 minutes

Sensitive skins.
A reconciling treatment that provides immediate soothing and comfort for sensitive and delicate skins. A combination of phyto-active extracts that give the face back a fresh, bright and silky appearance.
Duration: 50 minutes

A flow of energy designed to give features a firm and youthful appearance.
The skin is constantly attacked by UV rays, pollution and stress. This facial treatment immediately restores and purifies skin, revitalizing it and making it bright again. Its specific mask contains pure vital clay and a powerful enzyme complex.
Duration: 50 minutes

Energy and Vitality.
Especially designed for men. An energizing and detoxifying treatment that contrasts the effects of tired skin. Its special form of application gives male skin firmness and elasticity.
Duration: 50 minutes

It revitalises your look.
A quick and effective solution that instantly acts on the lines and wrinkles around the eyes. A youthful look and smoother skin in record time.
Duration: 30 minutes

Personalized deep cleansing for all skin types.
A face treatment that provides immediate freshness, a smoothing scrub combined with a deep action massage. It leaves the skin bright, deeply moisturised and provides a fresh appearance and the sensation of complete wellbeing.
Duration: 50 minutes

A deep and complete cleansing treatment, also suitable for younger impure, delicate and dehydrated skins, this treatment gives the face a fresh appearance able to eliminate the shine of excessive sebum. After the treatment the skin will be visibly firm. A specific treatment that helps to correct existing defects and prevent the appearance of new ones.
Duration: 50 minutes


A collection of wonderful, multi-sensory treatments for face and body, making your skin more beautiful and radiant

1 Sensual & Care Immersion
1 Relaxing/Anti-stress Massage
1 Anti-ageing Eye Treatment

Sophisticated and exclusive treatments allowing your skin to gain access to the most precious gift of all: longevity proteins

1 Sensual & Care immersion
1 Sculpting Massage
1 Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Face Treatment

treat yourself to the luxury of a journey through the incomparable scents of the Mediterranean

1 Timexpert C+ Body Treatment
1 Timexpert C+ Face Treatment


Nail filing and application of nail varnish.
Duration : 25 minutes

Peeling and complete manicure with hand massage and application of nail varnish.
Duration : 50 minutes

Nail filing and application of nail varnish.
Duration : 25 minutes

Peeling and complete pedicure with foot massage and application of nail varnish.
Duration : 50 minutes

Duration : 50 minutes

Upon request and depending on requirements


• The SPA is an area of peace and relaxation, therefore
please be discrete when using mobile phones
and electronic equipment, using silent ringtones and
speaking quietly.
• So that we can guarantee an excellent service every day, please
book in advance.
• We kindly ask that you cancel any treatment
bookings at least 12 hours in advance.
Any bookings not cancelled in time will be charged for
in full.
• It is recommended that you arrive at least 10 minutes early
so that you can unwind in the right area and go in for your
treatments in a relaxed frame of mind.
• If you arrive late the full duration of the treatment
cannot be guaranteed.
• In case of pregnancy or various diseases, please
inform us when booking. Our team of experts will be able to give you the best advice on using the SPA.
• Children under 16 cannot enter the SPA or the
relaxation area.

SPA opening times :

Le Soleil Massage and Relaxation Area 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Le Soleil Saunarium 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.